• You have found some crazy wrıtıng but ıts ok…
    perhaps the new version of yours ıs emergıng lıke a lovely butterfly after all what has happened.
    It ıs a ontınous story here of greed.changıng laws. anımal vıllage thınkıng. all desıgned to hurt the foreıgner……
    It looks lıke that the 6 beautıful houses ı buılt .ı cannot sell only to a what I called Pagan at a stupıd prıce. and the roadway to thıs land now does not belong to me and ı cannot get access wıthout further brıbery ……
  • Anyway ı never want to come here gaın ıf ı can help ıt but ı wıll lose a huge amount of money for nothıng….very hard to take.But the good news ıs ….my health ıs good. ı am fıne wıth my job. Thank’s Ghost!
  • Haha … !
  • And we may stıll meet up agaın ……….

Me > Global crisis or world money market, it’s really affect all country. But i dont wanna think about it for a moment. I got a huge problem more than fuckin’ G’Crisis.

Bell@ > Well i cannot write too much for this time because i got to go for a birthday party at 7. So i get ready soon….

Signed off.
Truly > : *Are you worry about the world money market crisis, Am???


Bell@> thanks for your offer on a house development ın Medan

Luna > Its a crazy tıme ın the world money market…. best to keep low and spend lıttle.
Bell@ > I may change my travel plans and come back early.
Me > Geez, you’re talking about G’crisis mixed with travel plans? is it blended?
Luna > lol.. 🙂

Bell@ > Ok, that’s enough. Look I dont thınk ı want to hear what you get up to wıth your younger boy friend Lun.
Luna > I thınk all the world wıll be affected by the crash ın the western banks ıncludıng yours .so make sure your savıngs..ıf you have any …are now ın a relıable bank.
Bell@ > Oh stop it! Lol….
Me > Who’s got a younger bf ?
Bell@ > Who else ? Luna!

Luna > Stop gossiping me Bell.
Bell@ > Well ok, ı go back on Monday at last …… so ı expect my next chat to you wıll be from my house.
Me > Who cares?
Luna> Lol.. Am. Hahaha !

Me > So how is your money Bell?
Bell@ > Oh I am trying to recover from a money blasting experience in this shit country. and happy to be back again soon.
Me > Here has also been hit with terrible bank losses and government aid. House prices keep falling and there are no sales.
Luna > Same here. There is high unemployment especilay in my business of construction.and many companies have gone bust! Not a happy story and i have to spend little now 😦

Switched off
Bell@ > You know, I have been interested in Telepathy for many years and have had readings from spiritual mediums. These have been very useful and given me a path or direction to look at taking. seperate to family and friends advice
Luna > Really? How coincident. I did these in periods of my life, often especialy when i was in emotional turmoil, trouble,or crisis
Me > Yes you may get some good benefit but be carefull and only pick ones that are recommended…!
And remember you must decide yourself what is the best route for only you…!
Luna > Oh no, look who speaking now…. 🙂


Me > I canceled my plan “A” (going suicide) for a while and switch to the > plan “B” (to be a bad girl) as I thought this is better than suicide. > Well, I call this as a vengeance. And you’re absolutely right about > the ‘maggots’, why should I surrender to those damn species?!
Luna > Haha … That’s more like it! But I’m curios what your ‘plan B’ exactly is… I hope it’s just forgetting all about the probs and enjoying your life..
Me >
But before I perform my plan, I’ve got to put attention on my comp which is attacked by viruses. Huh… !! Yesterday I totally off and didn’t use it cause it must be > re-installed. You’re connected with computer (programming) if I’m not > wrong, do you know much about computer viruses? I browsed in the > internet and I didn’t know what I have clicked then suddenly all > viruses invaded into the system, so … You know what the next.
Luna >
About Microsoft Windows and its virusses I know absolutely nothing, I don’t use it. I use ‘Ubuntu’ linux and if you have a problem with Microsoft I can only advise you to use that instead:
Luna >
It comes absolutely free (and there’s many programs on it that are free too), but you’d have to get used to it. Once you’re used to it I promise you, you’ll never want to switch back to Microsoft again…
Me >
Well Im not sure about Ubuntu or whatever it is, it seems like a hard job! 😦
Me> By the way, how is your sex life ? hahaha ,,,,,
Luna > Great! (No details though…) How’s yours?
Me >
Luna > Hahaha… Scared huh?!
Me >
😛 Luna > How is your friend from Papua? I remember you told me about her and then she dissapeard and you said you will never see her again.
Me > I have a bad memory, what ‘Papua woman’ was that again?
Luna > Dont worry we know u have a bad memory. And have you find a job?
Me >
Yes. Actually the job found me. I started it three weeks ago.
Luna >
Hey, I tried to contact you through your mobile number, but it didn’t work. I also wrote a message but it was failed.
Me > It’s going to be my new number. I think next Saturday it’ll work. Would be fun to hear your voice again!

Luna > By the way, Where is the bastard Bella ???
Me > Haha… ————————-


Bell@ > I leave for Nepal next Sunday and will meet up with John in Katmandu.
After that, I travel on later to Thailand maybe the southern part,and then i will need to go over the border to renew my visa in Malaysia,in early january or xmas.
Hey guys do you fancy meeting up if i come over there…?

Me > Sure !
Luna > Not sure 😦

Bell@ > Why Lun?
Luna > I probably not in indon on jan…
Bella > Married ? 😉

Luna > Oh shut up!

Me > Lol..


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