Corat-Coret November

Welcome November. What would you dedicate for me? A bunch of flower? 10 kg’s of Gold?  or … A handful of Horse’s dirt?


[Nov, 2]

Still can’t wash the heartache away. So I wrote something on the wall “No Space For a fuckin’ shemale“. I know it sounded damn rude! But I’m not going to say “Sorry”, Never. I promise 🙂


[3 November 2008]


<————–My sweet Neigbour



[5 November 2008]

Obama Won the Poll !!!!!!!!!!


[12 November 2008]

I Call You Lady Boy !!!
[And always be….   🙂  ]

For those who considered themselves as a “Lady Boy”,I appologize. This doesn’t dedicated for YOU but for someone in my brain.


[14 November 2008]

Wedding Party …..



[16 November]

Have You Had Read This One?



[19 November]

I have a certain schedule now. Idola Cilik, the coolest program, at least for me


[20 November]

Damn! I missed the show !!!
Work.. Work.. Work..

Ok, that;s enough!!
Hey, you Jerk! Stop playing with my camera !


[28 November]

celticIt’s time for “Celtic Shores”
Thank’s Jeremy ….   🙂


2 thoughts on “Corat-Coret November

  1. Ttg Obama, ku mo nambahin klo kt tuh samaaaaaaa….
    Ku jg pengagum berat Obama [suzie mah kagak! Serem sih…]
    Sukses slalu yah….


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