Only Desember

[ 1 Dec ’08 ]


[8 Dec 2008]

Idul Adha and I don’t know what to do?

[9 Des 2008]





[14 Desember/Sunday]

Well, because my application sent to Google was rejected because of the language isn’t recognized, so let me try to use English version from now. Hope I can make it!
{Hope Google will understand!}

Today the rolling door has replaced with new one. The old was goner and couldn’t used properly.
The next is about mail from the traitor, questioning about trip to Kathmandu. I wonder, why she always using my name in order to reach her goals? What a bastard!
Oh, ok, my ID card has done and it’s on my hand now, but there’s another duty waiting ahead.
Paying motorbike tax and arrange or extending  a new passport as it will be dead soon.
And the last, I’m going back to the gym tomorrow. Yippii….!


[15 Des/Monday]

No, it’s not “Yippii…!” It’s “Suck” !!!

I should be in Gym this afternoon like I planned yesterday. But then my friend calling me. I invited to accompany her for shopping with one condition : “It won’t take more than 3 hours”. She picked me about 1pm then we going to the mall. Said she wanted to find clothes for her husband and her son, well….X’mas moment! Time goes by and it’s nearly 3 hours without buying even one cloth. My legs starting stiff walking up to the 6th floors, looking around, then stopped, then moving to another place then stopped, it’s happen over and over again. She really annoyed me. She didn’t buy anything and I was about leaving her. I had an appointment with Jenny [my gym instructor ] at 4 and it’s already 4.15pm. What the hell.. !

I went silent, didn’t want to speak and tired to hear her sighing about everything. Well, first she hold a “teflon”. She said she needed one then asking the price. Maybe it’s too expensive then she trying to find an axcuses “But I want the one which has a cap!” [Because she knew that it’s not available there]. Second, we arrived in boutique and the sales handed her a brand new style gown.Guess what she said, “I want the silk one….”, Third we stopped in Polo boutique. She said she wanted to find cloth for her husband. Then after the sales found the right size, she shocked of the price and then making excuses, “What about Arrow?” – and another annoyed things she did till it up to 6 pm.

We walked out the mall without buying anything. On the way back home, we didn’t speak.
Deep inside I sweared alot. Ok, that’s was disgusting.
But …..
Hm… There’s another thing which cheer me up.
First, Donna Crook will arrive on Thursday and the more happiness is when I found my trip date already decided. I received the notification letter as I got home and yes it’s enough to ease the annoyance I had before.
My second home …. I’m coming… !!!!!!
Now I’m thinking, what about my passport? It will be finish on March!?
Thinking about if I can arrange the new one from now?? No, I don’t think so.  What should I do then?
I don’t know yet how long the trip gonna be. Better finding out tomorrow!!

[16 Des.Tuesday]

The date is 15th on Jan, 9.25am.

Staying home all day. Heavy rain out there and I fell asleep.
Jenny seems like pissed off with me and also Igmar. Oh I haven’t met the people in Imigration!
Donna said that it’d be better to get the new passport a.s.a.p.
Waiting for the ticket now… 🙂

That’s it.


[17 December ’08]

Have booked the room. Donna will arriving tomorrow.


[18 December ’08]

Donna has arrived today afternoon about 5pm right when I’m on my way back from the harbour. Today is a busy day, have no break at all. The rain keeps falling since 10am and finished at 6pm! Damn! So I decided to send a message to her and say that I might be late. So the plan changed to be 8.30pm at the same place.That’s the deal.

Surprisingly, Steve was also there! God! It’s been a long time since Valentine last year. Then the story began. Old memories opened and we were laughing to remember our silliness. It was fun to recalled.

Donna was surprise to hear the story of us. About the interview, about me once became a tourist while the real tourist switched to be a guide for me,  story about fake money, God! I couldn’t stop laughing anytime I recall this. Steve told Donna about we went to the hill and there I screamed while saying “He hate me! And I hate him too, I’m gonna kill him!”, about the song we sang before goodbye. Oh God thank’s  Steve didn’t mention about the winter cloth. Hahahahah !!!!

But we agreed that Mr.C is a funny and uproarious even if sometimes annoyed.
The ‘Interview’ tragedy had brought us together until today. Although thousands miles aparted, but like a wise man said “Time and distance is nothing for a friend”

Ok, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning now. Really tired. Got to bed soon….
Oh, remember : 13 Februari !!!



[19 December / Fri]

Eventually, one scariest thing plus I hate very much happens : I’m collapse.

All day I just stay at home, didn’t do anything like a hen hatching in the cage.
I fell sick and hell I hate it!

There are few things should to do today, like transferring Christmas fund and meet the people at immigration office. But look at me now, I’m not more than a dying thin cat.
I really grateful to Err coz’ she’s faithfully helping me handle the things so that I can totally having a rest in my room.

When I’m sitting with her and other in terrace I saw the traitor passing away. My face which was limp suddenly turn to be tense. What the hell she’s doing around here? Spying me? To make sure that I haven’t flew over Singapore? Infact before she turned up, Err was just informing me that my flight has alteration in some points. Damn that old stingy man!

I immediately informing this to Igram and she’s got the same decision with me : to refuse the flight and further duty as it gives me nothing. The profit is only on his position, so how about me? No, I won’t take this anymore.

And the traitor just passed away, she still looks messy and for me she’s still a immortal traitor, now and forever. Hell no! I won’t let her to put me down like she did before, now it’s my turn. Show time.

And God…! Why do I fell sick today? Why not tomorrow?


[20 Dec, Sat]

There are few things happened today :
1. My motorbike having engine failure
2. I still sick
3. The traitor is around {again}.

Ok, I don’t know what happens with my motorbike. Anyway, I dont’ really care.

And about the traitor, I know she wants to come back. Since my b’day, it was the first time she turn up. She did everything to get what she wanted include making up stories to impress people around and to make them believe that she’s changed.

I don’t know if they believe or not, but I don’t. Snake will always be a snake.

Now she wants to come back? Eat my shit!

By the way, I haven’t confirm the flight refusing yet for mid-Jan. The agreement isn’t suitable with what we discussed before. Am I ready to let it go ???


Dec, 23th

I’ve been thinking about this: that I’ll change my m’bike to the new one [next year].
It’s giving me headache since few weeks late  and not sure what the real is going on with the engine. And I talked to Dad and yes, he said “That’s ok”.

Actually nothing happens with my m’bike. Maybe it needs to get the new spark plug and clean up the dirty carburetor. But I make it as if it is a serious matter and it sounds make a sense for him when he wanted to use it and the engine didn’t work. Anyway, I don’t want to have it anymore, better find the new one. 🙂

Full Stop !!!



Good news : my flight isn’t cancelled. Means I’m flying soon. Of course this makes me happy.
Another thing is different. Loudy dissapeard after she heard a bad news : her future boy friend has cancelled his arrival which should be yesterday. I can feel what she’s thinking, that this isn’t fair at all.
All preparation she has done and I know for sure that she’s expecting for this moment far before.
I went out to find her and to make sure that she’s allright, but I couldn’t find her.
Where are you Loudy?


25 Dec 2008





26 Dec 2008/Fri

Spoke to Donna yesterday thru the phone. Said that she met an interesting guy from Holland in Ruth’s  wedding party in the lake. She went there since Dec,21 just to attend the party, I didn’t come. Beside I don’t know the bride and also I’m not invited 😦

She sounded very happy and this is more surprising, that she maybe postpone her flight back to Jakarta on 27 and said she will going over Pulau Weh. Uhm, yes… That Dutch guy is working there and she invited to come with him. Extending holiday, huh… 🙂

That’s it about Donna and sure … I’m happy for her.
Now I’m abit worry. Tomorrow I have an appointment about 5pm while I have planned to watch ‘tot-idol’ at 3. Oh… 😦


27 Dec, 2008/Sat

So glad “tot-idol” today isn’t about kicking out the poor candidate. I didn’t involve directly and just watched it about 40 minutes before left for meeting.
So far, meeting was run good, no big issue. Will continued tomorrow {no matter it’s Sunday! 😦 )

I made a big confession today.
Then I said to myself, “Fuck! I don’t want to keep this all the time. People deserve to know and there’s nothing wrong with a truth. Even if it’s hurt, but they must know this. And I did tell them…. Sorry people, but I have to…”



Sick of this day!
Sick of the “bakso” women, Ocir and our debating about trip out next month/year and also sick of this stingy “worth”. Yesterday at SB’s we talked less. Last night either. But the funny thing is : this stingy person was trying to devide an attention b/w me and “……..” 🙂
I couldn’t hide my laugh. But I laughed inside! 😦 Scared!!!

Just wrote email to Ocir to inform about place for meeting.
GoD!  Why it take so hard to take a decision? If only I can choke ’em!



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