The Secret Behind The Stones

I once asked to take a photograph of these stones in order to do promotion in one internet online shopping site. I never thought that at last I motivated  to perform these image in my gallery…
Here they are !

I don’t remember each names of these  stone. It’s been 3 months since the pictures taken and I didn’t really  bother about the name by the time. But the one which looks like a ‘banana’ {on the right side image below} isn’t a stone but a “Tiger Tusk”.  And it was the first time I  know that if you find a “broken tiger tusk” it means the tiger once have preyed a human. Do you believe that?
Well, that’s a belief.


Magic Stones


Oyster Pearl Stone : Front Side


Oyster Pearl Stone : Back Side

The images above called “Oyster Pearl Stone”. Not a real oyster, but it appearance is similar with the real oyster. The surface is very shine and on the back side there’s a coarse black lined. When I hold it, I wanted to have it. Hoaa….Haha!

Basically the size each stone is very small. You can see from the picture below. But I swear it’s really amazing stones.



And the one below is my favourite one. I can’t believe that it’s a stone. For me it’s look like a cocoon!


batu-5“99 Babies”

It is not the real name of the stone above. I named it myself. How can I forget the explanation about this stone? See the grey circle in the middle. The owner told me the history of this stone. Said that there are 99 Babies dwelling in it. Mystic and superstition, I don’t believe. But most people do! Oh, for one and another reason, I can’t explaining the utility of each stones down here. But it believed that each has power itself. Believe it or not?!



Globe Stone


Coco Pit Stone

Coco Pit Stone existed inside a coconut. Yes that’s true. I found one when I was about 8 years old. When you cleaving it in two, there will be a pit sticked between the coconut meat. But they said, in 100 coconuts, maybe you can only find one with a pit inside {if you’re lucky of course! :)}.






The ringstone below have brought a contradiction about “what shadow is it appears in the mid of the ringstone?”
Some people said it’s looked like a mountain, some are said it’s look like a Virgin Marie. Which one is correct?




Some of these stones already sold out with good price. And I really proud for what I have did to help a couple in promoting their collection. This is not about money – but sincerity. Because they are a nice couple that I ever known.


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