Christmas’s Snake


Christmas … Christmas …. Christmas….
It’s raining out there and I prefer to go nowhere but staying at home, watching movies. Ups, it was frightening when I was about leaving at 8 in the evening, I found a snake coiling my m’bike’s rim of wheel. It feels like I stucked, didn’t know what to do and there’s nothing I could use to chase the snake. There’s only one way : RUN !

It must be the rain, it must be those farms. And it must be this house which placed among farms and muds.
This reminded me of one TV program where a guy from Australia whose skilled to conquer the snakes. And  I fantasized as if I was that guy then wonder if I can as that brave to find a piece of wood and aim it towards the snake to chase it out. No… I couldn’t find anything. Even if I could, I doubt if  I have a bold to touch it with whatever things I found. I’d rather run and finding a help from the people arounds. Well, that’s better …

What a Christmas …
What a snake …. !!!

I hate snake!


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