Like usual, Christmas marked with parcels. Well, at least this is a tradition in our family.
The contains of parcel itself is different. Some relative sent fruits packed in a can, some are crakers plus various chocolate and much more. Christmas this time, I found less chocolate :(.
We received parcel in dinner set form. My mother quite happy. She said these stuff more useful than those crackers, chocolate or whatever we have had before.

There’s something which makes me interested. An envelope written my name on it. Very thick.
When I open it, I found a calendar slipped in it. It is desk calendar, sent by a friend. Through what it’s printed on the cover, I can say she got this from where she’s working. And for me the images displayed on each month is very interesting.

So I have an idea to display these picture by doing re-pro of the images from the calendar.
Jenny, thank you very much …. 🙂

christmas-tree1 handfan1 wood1

locker1 pile-of-money1 dragon2


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