AOL Radio Station

Just created a new account on  AOL free email address. Here I cheered by a Radio Station powered by CBS Radio (the largest major-market operators in the United States). People should have heard about this and I’ve had before. It was because I couldn’t sleep so I took a time to find something new through browsing and browsing and I stopped in this one. Then I thought “Why not?”


As I finished fill the registration form so it means I can go strike into my inbox. At a glance AOL has no difference with other mail service: Today on AOL, Inbox, Draft, Sent, IMs, Spam, Trash, Contacts, Calendar and Folder/Saved Mail. And also some advertising like News, Sport, Money & Finance, Living, Shopping, Autos, Real Estate, etc.
But there’s something Different (at least for me) found on AOL. When I surfed further and landed on  AOL Radio Station, I thought this would be similar with other Radio Station provided in some free mail service. But then I think again “Why not?” so I click the “Play Now” button.

The first song welcomed me was “I’m Yours by Jason Mraz” from Fresh 40 Hottest Pop Songs. And I amazed when I know that there’s no jammed at all. This is different with other Radio Station Guide that I ever tried. It usually take a time for loading and take a time to listen plus jammed for every single minutes, the music stop then play again, hurting your ears. Another Internet Radio Station usually clear on the certain time (in my area). The best time is around 1 am to 6 am. It will be more giving you stress when you play it in Internet Cafe ’cause it cannot be played at all. I don’t know why but that’s the fact. So last night I thought AOL Radio Station could be same with other as I played it around 3 am. And today I know AOL is different. It is like listening the radio-box at home, or like playing Media Player/Winamp on computer. No Jammed, doesn’t take a time to load, just click and you hear!

Thank’s for AOL Radio Station. This will be the second iTunes or Winamp or Radio Box or iPod for me. 🙂


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