The Best Performance (PATTON)

As we already know,“tot idol” or “Idola Cilik” now showed 2 times a week on Saturday and Sunday. Every week one contestant must leave the stage to determine who is deserve to fill in the Top Ten, Big 5, Big 3, etc.

The performance of “Idola Cilik” on Saturday afternoon (Jan,10)  seemingly having alteration in the stage arrangement/choreography and mobilizing young contestants to get involve enlivens the atmosphere by composing what I called as “Stage clip”. Where those young Idols acting on the background, moving here and there in order to represent the significance of the song.

Agni for example. Her performance concerned all Idol’s contestant and so did Irsyad.

winda2Here I agree with Miss Winda who was commented about choreography. She said it’s “too much”. What she’s trying to say is : If there are already elements on the stage, why should adding another contestants? According to her by adding contestant’s involvement are just confusing the audience. This protest turned up soon after Abner finished his song. In the beginning of his song, Abner seemed like drowned among the contestans who are standing stiffly posing like a statue. In the first seconds, added Miss Winda,  the only one can be heard was his voice.

Yes there’s nothing wrong involving contestants collaborated  playing a role to fill vacuity on the stage as long as it doesn’t confusing the audience or exactly distract which should pointed to the singer change towards the personnel on the background.


Is Uncle Joe (left) trying to renew the choreo in order to not make the audience get bored and finding another more entertain ways by involving those kids on the stage? Probably.

The Best Performance

patonToday I want to give a big compliment for Patton for his fantastic performance. I never seen him as charming as today. With or without choreography he abled to light up the stage through his agile motions. Escorted by saxophone’s rhytm presented by Kak Oni, the atmosphere in the studio suddenly changed to be like a real concert [click video above]. According to this maybe Miss Winda was correct. With or without compressing the stage with all type of  attributes, one performance could be  seen excellent as long as the singer knows how to appreciate a song and knows very well how to impress the audience through the motion which is suitable with the song and character of the singer itself.

Is it because he got a Red Star last week so that this thing became a motivation for him?

And I say YES, Patton has proved it. Congratulation, you’re really fascinated audiences in the studio included me. This is the best performance of yours that I ever seen…

Keep fighting to be the best.
Sunday is waiting … Watchout !



13 thoughts on “The Best Performance (PATTON)

  1. Dukung Paton yeah ! Q suka bgt ngliat gy-nya di atas pgg. Suara jg Oceh !
    Pokoke Paton hrs bs msk 3 besar. Mudah2an….


  2. where can i find out who leaves the show each week, i can t find anywhere which says who the finalists are etc..would you be able to put it up somewhere?


  3. i like Patton !!

    He has a really beautifull voice

    and he was friendly and clever too

    i hope that he can be the next IC winner !!



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  6. Patton tante doain semoga kamu bisa jadi juara. Tante dan keluarga suka sekali dengan suara kamu yang bening dan melengking tinggi. Salam kami dari Brunei Darussalam.


  7. supah ich nyblin bat knp msti debo yg jd juara
    pdehal suara y th jelek abiz jauh bgt ma patton
    q kcwa sm idola cilik ni krn bkn patton yg mnang


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