After been setting up plans for next trip [which then fell through, two weeks ago by exact] finally we found a good way to make it through. But before I reveal more further about this plan, I’d like to state how a new regulation issued by government early this year quite dissapointing me. It is about Fiscal.

For those [Indonesians] who are going abroad and not having NPWP [Registered Tax Payer ID] will be charged for fiscal about Rp.2.500.000/moreless US$225.22 [Airport fiscal] and Rp.1.000.000/moreless US$90.09 [Seaport fiscal]. And for those who have one, so no need to pay/FREE!!! – Well, good news for them – Bad news for me 😦 – Ok, this is suck!

When friends of mine heard about this, they were really surprised

this is bad news about you can’t flying over here , and we are surprised you did not hear about this before. Can you not get this ” income tax report”. It does seem crazy to stop anybody to travel from Sumatra?!
You often come over here to meet with your friends without paying fiscal.

We don’t know right now what to do as we had made a good plan for us to have a nice holiday. [R&E]

But it doesn’t stop us to find a way out. Yes, I was desperated to know that I would going no where this season or forever.

We are sorry that this “income tax news” affects you living in Sumatra, maybe it is designed to stop Indonesians without money travelling to the more wealthy country. Its is not your fault it seems here.
We have been looking forward to meeting you again so it was a bit of a dissappointment.
Then we have got to thinking, well we could fly to your city and spend some time – somewhere (you decide). As we arrive in Kuala Lumpur we maybe can get a flight direct to Sumatra at the same day.
What do you think, how much is a ticket now buying at the airport and what is the weather like?? [R&E]

Since then all dissapointment and desperate gone. This is what I like about friendship. Whenever you facing a problem, friends are there to give you a solution. Well, not all of my friends though. Uhm…

I don’t understand why Government issued this new regulation? Why…? Why … ? It used to be FREE to fly to Malaysia and I get charged nothing but Airport tax cost Rp.75.00/US$6.75 Huh …. !

We will decide when we arrive at KL airport to see whether there is a cheap, direct flight that day the 15 to your city.
If there is we will take it and make way to there. If not we will proceed to Thailand. [R&E]

I was thinking, well… If there’s no chance to go travelling this season, maybe I can do something to enjoy this dissapointment?

Untill then ……..

Hey! We have some good news …. mmmmmmmm. We have got the tickets to your city direct from K.Lumpur….
We will be arriving at the airport @19 .40 tomorrow 15th in the evening and we will call you at the airport
Dont worry if you are busy we can get a taxi or bus from the airport,
Se you soon … (xxxR&Exxxx)

Well that’s it. It seems like Government new regulation doesn’t affect us at all. Well, at least this time …. Uhm. Soon might be busy as I must arrange plans such as where to go, where to have fun, where to sleep and where to eat. Yiihhhaa!!!


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