Idola Cilik (Polling SMS)

This is still a topic about “Idola Cilik”. This afternoon I found out that it’s not only me who putting on this program as a favourite one but also most of my friends. We have a different Idol but it was exactly had made the conversation more interested. From several topic we have discussed about,  there’s one we discussed longer than others, it’s about “Polling SMS”.

We wondered how itu would be if all decisions are depends on how many SMS recieved by each contestants. If there are 8000 SMS from supporter sent to one contestant whose voice is not as good as other while the other one of them whose voice is sweetly  pleasant sounding obviously received only 200 SMS  would he/she (the bad voice one) becoming a  winner? We believe that committee, juries or everyone who get involved in this program must have  policy in determine who becoming a winner but since they always mention that  “all decision are depends on SMS Polling ” it has make everything bleary.

Well.. We’ll see …. 🙄



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