MY CHAMPS (Theme : Friendship)



Oki - Presenter

Oki – Presenter

Uncle Joe - A Choreographer

Uncle Joe – A Choreographer

Uci - Vocal Coach

Uci – Vocal Coach

Mama Ira - Jury

Mama Ira – Jury

Dave - Jury

Dave – Jury

Winda - Jury

Winda – Jury

Duta - Jury

Duta – Jury

Theme of  “Idola Cilik” yesterday afternoon [Jan,24] titled  “Friendship”. Each contestant invited to narrate a story about  closest friend they have and activities usually did with them. “Idola Cilik” presented a different thing, it’s not like usual. Laugh, fun and also tears. For your information, there’s a NEW contestant who surprisingly appeared  on the stage! Irsyad being together again with his [brother -twin]Arsyad, a drummer who known as  a “less-stiff-smile” finally “ has proved the audicence that he can “Talk”. Awww… !!! And I’m really surprise to hear Patton singing while crying…  😦  And much more.

There’s one thing which has not having alteration yet at all : it is commentator’s doing.
I don’t know whether they have realized this or not but I think their acts are excessively [especially yesterday!].
Let me confirm about this.

What is Juries/commentators are for? To give a comment? Criticize along with giving a better suggestion? Yes, sure!

If there are  4 juries, who is the one deserves to give  a comment? All of them or just one? Of course all of. them. We know that difference opinion is a common thing. But what I seen, everytime one contestant finished a song and Oki [The presenter] invites Juries to give a comment, mostly they’re having debates once each other. Like yesterday, when Duta commented on Debo performance. I heard and remember very well Mama Ira said,  “Yes, I have something to say too” and she let Duta commented first. While Duta commenting, someone from behind motivated audiences applaud while calling of contestant’s name. If there was Debo on the stage,  so then audience would calling, “Debo… Debo…Debo” over and over again. When Duta accomplished his imperfect comments [because get interrupted all the time] then it switched to Winda [which should be switched to Mama Ira]. When Winda criticizing about “this and that “ of Debo, Dave screamed and it sounded like a witch’s voice. He did this over and over again everytime Winda tried to say something. Every words were always get interrupted from each jury.  Duta get interrupted by Oki or Winda or Dave. Mama Ira get interrupted by Winda or Dave. And Dave get interrupted by Oki or Winda. Finally, no one could hear what was Mama Ira trying to say!. It happens all the time. I wonder, why don’t they realize their function as a jury? There’s nothing wrong with making jokes or laugh or doing funny things in order to entertain audience in the studio and we don’t expecting them to behave like juries in American Idol, do we? It will be nicer if they can locating their role : time for commenting and time for joking. Juries are presented to show a lack of contestant, helping them by giving a good advises/solution and lift up their spirit.

In “Idola Cilik”, when one jury is commenting, the other will doing things or acting funny so that messages/advises/opinions which trying to give to the contestant is always being postponed or even NOT SENT at all. Why don’t they trying to apply an attitude to respect one each other? Why do they contrary giving a bad example to the kids, it’s alike with supporting those kids to do the same : that “interrupting someone’s talk” is OKAY?


Ok, enough for this. Let’s talk about our Champs!!!
Well, like usual on Saturday there’s no one will leaves the stage. The decision will be heard tomorrow. So now I only talk about each contestant.

Olin & Nina


OBIET : Yessss! Yesterday did it perfectly. His performance was satisfied enough. This reminds me of one song he sang few weeks ago titled “Jangan Kau Lepas” popularized by one musical group  called “Alexa”. Especially when he invited singing together with Nina, his closest friend, wow…. Fantastic! This is the real Obiet. Salute for you 😆



ABNER : According to Miss Winda, his performance was “Well Prepared”. I must admit that it was fun to watch his slide show’s pictures taken around rice fields together with his friends.



OIK : An Angel from Semarang.  Salute for the choreography, I like her costume but there was  a strange thing when suddenly a young dancer danced accompanied by a young boy. The dance was teling a story about a couple lover who are in love. Uhm ….   🙄
Well, nevermind. Am I commented too much? 😆



RAHMI : Pretty touched when there’s a fans from one area called “Aceh Besar” came to see Rahmi in person. It said that this young girl [Rahmi fans] has broke her saving just to see her Idol. I would do the same if I’m still young (now I’m old enough 😦  ) and there was a same program like “Idola Cilik” and also if I had enough money in my piggy bank. Hehehe …..

But wait! I don’t agree with what Dave said about Rahmi’s veil with a hat on it. He said it’s “perfect” but I think it’s “toooooo much” – For me without appended a  Rahmi’s veil, she  would still looked good. Uhmm …..



AGNI : Dave now commented on Agni’s hair. He said that her hair was too mature. I didn’t find something wrong with it?! Is it wrong to be “mature” ?



Irsyad & Arsyad

Irsyad & Arsyad

IRSYAD :  and his brother named ARSYAD. Yesterday  they were standing  on the same stage and Arsyad [he’s older than Irsyad] presented a poetry he made himsfelf for his little brother Irsyad. To see them standing together, it reminds me of the time when they were crying together after got a result that Arsyad didn’t get through the audition. But their cohesiveness is one deserve to be followed.



DEBO : Watch your knees, my boy. Before get in to intro, Debo seen holding a bunch of flowers. And then [based of the script] he fell on his knees to the floor and acted as if he was sad. Here, if he didn’t be aware, it would hurt his knees. Anyway, why must making up a choreo as hard as like that?  There’s   another way to express a sadness, isn’t it? Once again Debo, watch your knees… 🙂



PATTON : What happened with Patton? Why he was looked so sad and sobbed? It was the first time I saw him as sad as this. The amazing thing was the fact that audience especially his fans keep applausing him eventhough he couldn’t sing perfectly. Was it because the mic didn’t work properly? He had a confidence in the beginning, but when he walked towards the audience, his voice suddenly dissapeard and soon a women’s voice heard singing to cover this imbalance situation.  Since then Patton couldn’t stop crying and crying, maybe he felt that it was the end of the world for him.  Patton, please don’t cry. It was just a Technical error …. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Like Winda said “We still love you….” (big hugs for you!!!  Oh sorry, don’t know how to display “hug” icon in WP…. Smile for you then 🙂 )



Only a short message for Cakka :  “Just listen and follow what have been taught by  your  “vocal couch” 😉 Remember, never underestimate your senior.

That’s it !!! ❗


And there’s another unexpected contestant who had presented a funny song on the stage. It said Dave is about learning how to sing or wants to be a singer soon. So he showed off his performance yesterday for FREE. This is what I meant. When there’s a time for having fun, just having fun. When there’s a time for singing, just singing. Everything must be  adjusted accordance with time and chance.

I laughed to watch him singing especially when he screwed up [or maybe he done it on purpose] the lyrics, for example : A girl as HANDSOME as Winda OR A girl as PRETTY as Duta.

😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   😆



Well, time to log out soon.
See you on Sunday !
:mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Irsyad got a gift from his fans

Duta & Mama Ira being cuddly

The twin hug each other

Duta somersault infront the audience


A good vocal coach

The "Best" of Dave


Oki aimed a drum stick toward a drummer


9 thoughts on “MY CHAMPS (Theme : Friendship)

  1. Nice…
    Would you share those videos with me? Specially about Irsyad (Cinta Tak Pernah Sama clip) and one session with his twin brother (Arsyad).

    I really like his statement “Irsyad sayang abang…”

    Thx alot…


  2. deboooooooooo…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    emang THE BEST……….
    Aku orang kalimantan…
    selamat ya…………
    Gelar IDOLA emang pantas kmu dptkn…
    ak shela…
    blh mnt no hp nga..???


  3. hai……………………………….. irsyad pa kbr aq0uw vans brt qm0uw loe…………. qouw leh gugh mnt nUmb3r qm0uew……………… pl3ase…………………………………………………… qouw tunggu bl3zanm0uw


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