The Best Performance (Abner Vs Adit)


Idola Cilik [IC] yesterday afternoon [Jan,31] began with opening song brought by the kids in IC. It was a fabulous collaboration and the cohesiveness in vocal between them seen  synchronous with  manuvers they did on the stage.

Cakka presented Wayang Kulit after sang a song titled “Shadow”. And the opening stage of his was so fantastic!

Cakka & Wayang Kulit


[Pic. first-above : Cakka performs Wayang Kulit attraction.
2nd pic : Cakka’s opening act]

Meanwhile Abner presented original song from where he comes from [Manado] and it was glad to hear him singing an  English song. Eventhough he couldn’t spell it as perfect as Cakka but I think he tried as good as he could.  Sure it’s a good idea to take another alternative to make him understand how to say “Would” “Nice” and some other words  in lyric. So it’s probably like this : [here is the lyric]

Would it be nice to hold you –
Would it be nice to take you home –
Would it be nice to miss you….

Then it written like this [to make him easy to spell/to sing it]

Wuldit be nais tu howd yu
Wuldit be nais tu teyk yu hom
Wuldit be nais tumis yu

When Oki asked him if he knew the meaning of  the lyric, the answer was so funny and also plain : “English teacher in my school is infrequently teaching”. 😯

Winda was so funny too. How come she questioning for the second time [in serious mimic] the meaning of a song sang by Abner? Didn’t she listen for what Abner said before when Oki sent the same question and he answered, “No, I don’t understand” added with the fact of english teacher in his school (infrequently teaching)? Winda it’s not his fault if he doesn’t understand. He didn’t expected to sing english song either, so please… Don’t give a hard time to the kids.

Borrowed Land

And the second shocking fact is about  Abner’s house. It said his house can be displaced anywhere they’re moving!
It also said that the house where Abner and his family are living now is established on a land which it status is “borrowed land” so that when there’s a time they have to move to a new place, this house also carried out to where they’re going. Oh…. Abner???? 🙄



[1st Pic : Abner’s house in Manado
2nd Pic : Abner on the stage]

Next was Rahmi, followed by Patton. This time Patton sang a song titled “Rapuh”. First I thought this song is a translation from “Keep Bleeding” sang by Leona Lewis. It wasn’t! But the intro is similar between both. 😆

The Best Commentator

And Duta was right. Patton didn’t appear as good as weeks before. Duta is a good commentator I thought. I know his dutastatements and comments are sometimes sharp but that’s a good point about him. Why must lie to those kids by telling that they are good, awesome, etc whereas they’re not? When you tell someone’s weakness or telling that he/she is not good enough in this/that way,  it doesn’t mean you insulting that person, does it? Contrary it will bring a new change I think. Well, ok…. “It depends”  of  who you’re commenting to. But to these kids, so far Duta gives a sharp comments and I think that’s ok.

Yea, now I wonder : why? What happened with Patton? And also Irsyad. He got a problem in reaching high tones. This is unusual. Is it because of throat problem he had few weeks ago?

I didn’t watch entire contestants singing on the stage ‘coz I had another thing to do and had to leave earlier. The last I watched was Oik. She dubbed as “Pesinden” and it is always nice to hear her singing java songs. It gives you peace, calmness and chilling your mind.

Changcuters 😛

And the guest was “Changcuters” wow… I call this group as “Frog Legs” as their legs are so…….skinny! But I like them soooooooo much!!!



IC is always perfoms something new and that’s what I like. If last week Dave had entertained the audiences, yesterday there’s a new young entertainer.  From all the contestants, I have a new-hidden idol who isn’t included in MY CHAMPS. I’ve heard him singing for the first time [I forgot when – but it was few weeks ago] on the stage and when I saw him again [yesterday] sitting next to his mother, secretly I wished he would singing again! Please.. Please..! And…. Yes! My wish came true ! Yiihhaa,,,, !





His name is ADIT. This young boy is Abner’s little brother …. 🙂



And have a look the way he singing …..





His voice is quite similar with Abner. I remember what Mama Ira said “Even if I close my eyes, I can guess whose voice is this. Because you have a specific voice character” – Abner is included in that “specific”.
Ok, back to Adit. Yesterday he sang a song titled [I appologize for misspelling] “Torang Bardua Bersaudara” in Manado language. When Oki asked him what has made his voice become as high-piercing as like that, Adit answered like this, “Because I had [sorry for misspelling again] “Roa Fish”. 😆  😆  😆  😆  😆  😆
By the way, have you had Roa fish before?  ❓

Ohhh…. I really love this boy …..


Ok, I saved another pictures…. Here they are :


Cakka fell [acting] on the floor as if he being shot.


Obiet and the gun. Probably he sniped Cakka? 😆


Mama Ira : Gong Xi Fat Choi


Not sure who is this.


Guess : what was Oki trying to do on Changcuters’s drummer????


Dave and Winda [in red]


Changcuters giving a free dance lesson to all commentator


Sleepyhead 😆

Ok, see you on Monday !!!


3 thoughts on “The Best Performance (Abner Vs Adit)

  1. gilla, kmrn tanggal 31januari, ic yg temanya indahnya negriku, asyik bgd.
    apalg abner tuh, lagunya enak bgd. Pnuh penghayatan, ia mski bhs inggrisna kurang, tp abner ttp hebat kok dmataqu.
    dn yg plg seru, wkt abner duet ma adikna adit, kitorang basodara.


  2. roa fish is fish which is already made by process without using any chemical processs. it just lying under the sun until the fish become dry its very tasty if you know how to coock it mmmmmm delcious!


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