IDOLA CILIK (Kung Fu Hustle)


Idola Cilik in weekend-afternoon edition Februari 7,2009 still had a theme about Gong Xi Fat Choi [did I spell it correctly?]. Practically this episode majority introducing people who works behind the screen, one of them picked to narrate childhood story [like Kak Oni and his mother] or Mama Ira [commentator] and some other who get involves in making Idola Cilik [IC] to be a best program.

Firstly I wondered, why the kids being ignored this time? Well, not ignored in bad way I meant. But then I understand that whatever it said, IB will be nothing without crews and all who works to support this program, to make it to be the number one program for kids and also adult. So this probably form of gratitude from RCTI for all of crews.

Anyway, no worries on weekend. I call this “promoting day” for the kids. Because they are only asked to sing a song and performs it as best as they could to collect polling sms  from their fans.

And the theme in IC yesterday afternoon seen changed. Kids asked doing operetta before start singing, this one I like very much. Because in this way, beside able to sing they are also dared to prove their acting ability.

Well, I think that’s it …. Like I said, there’s not much things discussed about those kids. Entirely program  controlled by Oki who was introducing crews, commentators, etc.  And I could only laughing to see Dave, Duta, Oki, Winda, Mama Ira and also Oki in their jokes and hilarity.

Here are pictures collected from IC Februari 7,2009 edition :






More about kids in IDOLA CILIK tomorrow …. Have a nice weeked … !!!   🙂


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