quoteAbner has been eliminated since Februari 8,2009. A week after Irsyad.
Along with that, dissatisfaction and bombards from supporters as if a portray how Abner is adorable by his supporters all over Indonesia. The dissatisfaction of supporters based of few factors : conspiracy, public deception [pointed to commentators who gave false compliments, the nontransparency in collecting sms polls and also a slander said that Abner was kicked out because there’s a business factor behind the screen. Well, what ever it said, the fact is : we can’t change the situation. Abner won’t be on stage for the next weeks. But he’s still remain here …. Forever …. J

In this section I’d like to accent a point connecting with an unpleasant imessages which were really injured. Abner could standing on Big 40 – Big 14 to Big 8 wasn’t because pitiful factor. The truth is : He DESERVE it. Even he fittingly stand in Big 3 [or he ought to be]. He has a quality, wide range vocal and he can reaches the highest tones [no one doubts it], his stage acts were energytic. For an Idol Icon, Abner should be chosen. If there was a time his touching family stories emerged on the wide screenI thought it wasn’t called exploitation in order to collect sms as much as it could. Let’s think in positive way. Abner with all his simplicity presented infront millions onlooker was merely to lift up other kids’s spirit, parents, that poverty isn’t the one as an obstacle to reach your dreams. For this one, personally I appreciate what has committee done in this program. Abner and all kids in IC-2 are/were standing there because they are rightly to be there.

Another thing I’d like to say, that I agree with others. There’s something wrong in valuation matter connecting with decision sent for Abner. If there’s a conspiracy, so then there would no purity found on the next IC.

For Abner, hope you understand. Your supporters will never stop idolizing you.

Videos below are cited from IC – YouTube Collection,  purposely attached here  for my Gallery Collection and also for readers who wants to watch it.

So, what are you waiting for? Plug your headset, play it, watch it dan listen …..

  • – Oki interviewing Abner
    – Abner shows off his ability in speaking Indonesia/Betawi
  • -Abner duets with his Father : Papa Feki [sorry for misspelling]
    -Both have a super voice 🙂
  • -Abner’s performance in Big 42
  • -Abner’s performance in Big 35
  • -Abner’s performance in Big 28
  • -Abner’s performance in Big 21


  • Abner’s little brother [Adit] invited to sing on the stage
  • Abner chosen to sing together with D’Masiv “Merindukanmu”


  • This is my favourite one “Sang Penghibur”


  • The last performance of Abner, a day before  “The Judgment Day” – “Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi


  • Abner duets with his little brother Adit


  • Abner “Melompat Lebih Tinggi”


  • Abner “Dealova”


  • Abner “Jangan Lupakan”



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