unsaidIrsyad left the stage since Februari 1,2009.  In latest two weeks his throat was became anxious. But I couldn’t believe Irsyad must out as that soon. As if  there’s no mercy, that IC-2 is presented adamantly searching for a super perfect  seeds, having no deformity and cannot fall in sick.

Perhaps Irsyad felt the same dissapointment when he had no chance to rectify his score. But it wasn’t as critical as Abner had in last minutes before he being kicked out. On the “flash report” he  sat in the first rank, then followed by “Temporary Report” he slided one point down  became in to the second rank.  He got a blue star in the beginning so then he needed no rectifying anything. But in the “Final Report”, really .. This is ridiculous, he announced to fail. What the hell… !

I agreed with others that there’s a conspiracy and nontransparency in collecting sms polls. Eventhough Abner was slided down to number 5, he should given a chance for once instead of kick him out.
Since Abner and Irsyad out, I consider IC-2 as a seasonal “gag”. Well, this is alike with reading a book which have had read. We knew the end…

Whatever! I still care about this because I still have Champs up there.
It’s abit relieve to know that IC Idol will launching an album.
But I expecting for solo album of them. Yes “Solo” – not a compilation one.
Especially Irsyad, Abner and Obiet….


  • Irsyad “Suara/Ku Berharap”


  • Irsyad “Seandainya” – the one I like most.


  • Irsyad reveals how he loves his brother Arsyad
  • Irsyad “Cinta Tak Pernah Sama” – here, his throat problem started.


  • Abner in unreadable title song [upps… sorry!]


  • Irsyad duets with his Father. Wow, this is really ‘awesome’.
    [His Father can’t sing as good as Irsyad but I think he has made an extraordinary effort to stand on the stage, singing with his son. Anyway, Irsyad seemed able to cover the situation….  🙂



5 thoughts on “IRSYAD’S VIDEO

  1. hey irsyad!! salam knal yach………… fns brat kmu loch….. oh,y kmu sdh gag shbt kmu sy cakka tnggl kls? jgn lpa lez yach.,.,.,


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