Valentine’s moment this edition in IC-2 colored with candies attire from commentators. Oh wait, I’m talking about Women : presenter and commentators. Oki appeared as a big “Barbie” , Mama Ira dan Winda appeared in pinkiezzz attire. Looked awesome … Uhm, I know, Dave was also pinkezzz, don’t ask me why.  🙄
Ohhh…. Talking about Pinky, it reminds me of my untimely cute white puppy’s death :  hit by a truck!  😦 It name was Pinky too.




There are 6 Champs remaining in IC-2 : Obiet, Oik, Rahmi, Debo, Patton and Cakka.

debo-vals-editionThe first presentation was Debo. Oh, sorry … I was late, I swear : I was late! I didn’t watch his performance entirely. Debo was already listening for commentators commented on him when I finally turned up and I missed his performance. 😦
Accordance with what Duta said, I believe Debo’s performance must be great! Was it ?

To be honest, it amazed me to see him duet with his brother. What is his name?Mamank?
But I admire this guy who is always accompanying Debo… Salute for you…. 🙂

pattonmomPatton sang a song titled “Selalu Denganmu”. I’d say that Patton is really amazing this afternoon and so does his Mom. He fits with Blues-Jazz rhytm like he presented in pink valentine moment today. Have you read about “The Best Performance [Patton]” ? For me this is the second best of his.

oiOik brought “Ada Cinta”. What a marvelous stage act yet boring song at the same time! No, I didn’t meant to say “the song” but the way she presented the song was the problem. Everyone believes Oik has an undoubtedly golden voice, but in some points there are few songs she doesn’t fit with it, this one for example. Her voice didn’t go out freely like it should be.

rah-miRahmi. Oh my God. To be honest, “Matahariku” is my favourite song and all songs sang by Agnes Monica. Who doesn’t know Agnes, the beautiful talented girl? So far in IC-2, no one able to sing this song as good as she did. I didn’t meant one must singing similar with Agnes, but I think this song is not for Rahmi. I remember Cahya once sang this song and it’s just the same with Rahmi. No one could match against Agnes…   🙂
For Winda, thanks for correcting this song with your beautiful voice, you’ve repaired it very good.
I wanted to laugh. When Rahmi finished her song, Oki came towards her then saying, “You know Rahmi, everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of Winda. She one day beautifully sang this song and it still remain until now. Let’s hear Winda singing…. Kak Oni, yuk jreng…. – What was that? A sharp offending? I understand why Rahmi’s face suddenly turned scowl.

😆   😆   😆   😆  😆

Mayor’s Wife, Man…. !!!

Oh wait! Rahmi got a gift from Mayor’s Wife? Special one ?  😉
Then Cakka, go call Sultan from Yogya,  uhm…who else? Ah, Patton I think you should ask thewifeyour brother to invite Ade Ray. Aha! Obiet, why don’t you write an invitation letter for Barack Obama ? Just do it and see what Barack gives for you as a present. Oik,  You can call me …  hehehe!  Wait! Once more left, Debo …. Uhm, thinking… Who deserve for him? Aha! I got it: Maroon Five!  🙂

What the hell!
A Mayor’s wife came to give a support to Rahmi?
Ok, Rahmi is one of my Champs but I think it’s unfair! She should be came to support all kids! Even a President like SBY. If he came to attend this program, he should be there for giving support to all instead of supporting one kid.

cakka-vals-editionCakka “Selalu Mengalah”. According with Duta, he said “Cakka, I think this week isn’t yours”. What?!!
I don’t know Cakka very well but I think the way he brought this song was absolutely “total”. What else?
He freely singing this song…. What happen with skinny Duta?

obiet-sunglassesObiet. What can I say about this sweet boy?
The song he sang Demi Cinta” reminds me of Patton, seriously! And Patton brought it very  good! Oh anyway, I didn’t meant to say that Obiet was bad in singing this song, not at all. He had his own way and I think he made it, really. By the way Obiet, I love your dance and you looked cool dressed in White [and also funny with that sunglasses  🙂  ] love

We’ll see what’s going on tomorrow ….

Hang on, don’t close the window… Check this out ! Patton duets with his Mom  🙂

I know these pics are a bit blurr. But i won’t discard it since it very funny for me ….  🙂




And for all of you :  happy-valentines-day



  1. Does the picture came from a video that you record?
    Could you post it somewhere like yo*t*be or something, because I didn’t watch the “Valentine’s Day” episode. I just want to watch patton and his mother performance.



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  3. ku ska bgt sma idola cilik dan insyaallah ku mau ikut idola cilik 3.
    n”ku mau coment k oki lukmAN kmu selalu kelihatan cantik di dpan kamera?????
    ha..ha..ha dah dlu ya idola cilik ku cma mau coment tu aj

    bY;Dwi HaFisNI



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