MY CHAMPS [Jokes Part I]

A “Funny” Letter From “Unknown” Sender On

Valentine’s Day


This is ridiculous. Did you see how dissapointed Cakka was? Did you see how resigned Debo was? Or …. Did you notice how struggle those kids when they received a Red Star [Oik, Debo, Cakka and Patton]? Did you realized how struggle they were to  perform as best as they could, expecting Red becomes Blue? And… What the first word crossed your mind when Oki read a pink letter from “unknown” sender?  What was in my mind was : “Fucking hell …..”

Think about this, Debo thought that this is the time for him to leave the stage. His woe affected his performance and he looked fragile. See, even a kid knows “WHEN”. Mama Ira was asking him, “Are you sad, Debo?” – Debo was absolutely has sniffed a bad odor of his fate today.Kids in IC smarter than those adultssssss !!! [Shame on you clowns!]

Cakka, Patton did the best and either did Oik. They didn’t realize that there is  a fuckin funny  game awaiting ahead. Because of Valentine’s day, so that there’s none of those kids leaving the stage today, that’s written on pink letter from unknown sender.

This isn’t funny at all, why must playing a game with kids anixiety? I think it would be sweeter if this sweet news announced at the first place.
“Kids, connected with Valentine’s moment, so we have decided that no one will leaves the stage today. So, let’s have fun and don’t forget to support your idol!”

One of  “X”  supporter was correct, there’s no honesty in IC.
So who will leaves the stage next week? Cakka again? Damn! On the other hands this is called “delayed loss?”

I don’t know, maybe the committee thought this is a spectacular’s idea. For me this is such a dupe.
What was happened on Christmas? What happened on New Year? What happened on Chinese New Year? Why there was still a kid eliminated? If Valentine’s day is so special, so what about other holidays?

This will be un-fair and arouse a polemic and dilemma.
If Cakka still have to leave the stage next week, this is the stupidest program that I ever watched.
If it was Obiet or Debo or Patton or Oik or Rahmi, Goddd! This will be the most unfair decision taken ever!

And this is what I call “It must be sooooooooooooooooooooo damn FUNNY!”
Yes, it is …..

Next week : NO ONE MUST LEAVE THE STAGE.  It should be like that!
Be responsible of game your play OR stop playing around with those kids, you dumb!

More about the “unknown” letter? click here
Got to feed my puppies … They’re more loyal and honest than those loser behind IC’s scenario maker.


5 thoughts on “MY CHAMPS [Jokes Part I]

  1. I Got it now! Probably next week there will be “two” chosen. That is exactly the scenario and it hasn’t finished yet!


  2. Idola Cilik NGAWUR!
    Bener tuh Elvie, kali mrk mo mprthankan cakka. Tp caranya koq norak gt yah. Pantesan qt susah majunya, KKN msh ada … wekekekeke……


  3. kAn mAn6 cakka keren bgt jd ngapain kalian yg SEWOT!!! msalkan yg d p’tahankan idola kalian psti u juga seneng kan! jdi u gx sah ngiri. . . Hu. . .


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