PollBox Final Result

Thank’s for your participation in our PollBox “Who Is Your Idol In Idola Cilik-2”. Unfortunately, Cakka who received the largest poll sum finally must stopped in Big-6.

Here is a flashback of our PollBox  final result :

cakka-pollCakka – 26%,

debo-pollDebo – 16%,

obiet2Obiet – 16%,

rahmi2Rahmi – 6%,

patton-pollPatton – 5% and

oik-pollOik – 5%.

And we also received another answers. Some of those picked:

ab3Abner 7%

irsIrsyad 6%


And now we launched a new poll to choose 3 finalists who deserve to get through the competition and sit in “BIG-3”. Please click one of names displayed in the PollBox. We won’t discard names who have been eliminated for next 2 weeks ’til 3 of those finalists exactly chosen on the live show.

Once again thank’s for your participation.


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