IDOLA CILIK-2 {Collaboration}


IC-2 this afternoon [Feb,28] brought IC-2 finalists on the stage and collaborated with finalists in IC-2. Before I continue writing, I want to ask you, where’s Duta? Does he off this show? Yesterday his postition replaced by Armand and this afternoon by Indra Bekti. Busy promoting his new album? Could be.

Same like last week and weeks before, the formation is still occupied by Mama Ira, Dave, Winda plus Indra [commentator], Oki [presenter] and uncle Joe [choreographer].



There are only 5 finalists left : Oik, Obiet, Debo, Rahmi and Patton.

oik28Oik : “Kupu-Kupu”

I don’t know what you think, but for me, Oik brought this song very good. Especially if she sing it on the bed time, good as a lullaby.   🙄

Zzzz….. Zzzz…… Zzzz….. Sleepy!


obiet28Obiet‘s Grand Pa/Ma attended his show this afternoon and he looked melancholic singing “Tercipta Untukku”. According to Winda, she said that Obiet totally disassembled this song with his way and it was excellent. But I think Obiet didn’t really focus and “total” this time.

No matter what it said,  for me, to see Obiet on the stage is one of a big relief after been loss some of my heros.



Day by day his confidence grows along with energic movements. This afternoon he looked enthusiastic although a little bit gruff. Well, probably the unfriendly season recently has made his voice became like this.

I didn’t really understand the song he sang, even I didn’t know the title.  😦
Maybe I was drifted with his acceleration so that I forgot everything. Hehehe ……
Debo … I’m proud to see your raise… 🙂



It was so rude, a likeness hurled by Winda towards Rahmi. I know Winda didn’t try to insult or cornered Rahmi. But still, it wasn’t a suitable likeness if she stried to praise Rahmi’s  progress.

Gigi Tonggos ???

Isn’t there any likeness which more proper  than that statement above?


patton28Patton : “Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu”

I can’t say much about this boy on this song, but it was like a golden surprise to see him collaborated with Angel. Awww ….


The show was boring entirely. Some parts were funny, especially when parents who represents finalists in IC-2  brought together on the stage with parents from IC-1.

Like Obiet’s father stage act, or Rahmi’s Father who didn’t know the song or how to sing, and also Angel’s Father wrote the lyrics on his palm.



and also this boy ….
If only he picking nose one more time, he would awarded Grammy !!!!!


And I promised would displaying Echa’s picsssss……


Included these “appropriate” partner


can you guess whose blurr pics is this????


and whose act stage is this?


Yep ! Debo and Gabriel !!!

They both were great!   🙂


PS :
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