oik-cryingToday is a victory day for Debo and failure for Oik.  After been occupied the highest score on temporary report, drastically she slided into the lowest score at the end. Tragic, of course. She’s one of my Champs.

Probably the song presented yesterday has made all her fans fallen asleep. This is a biggest dissapointment for Oik and also her fans, included me. I’m really sorry, but I must admit that her latest performing didn’t gratified enough. I know this statement will raising protests, but that’s my opinion. Especially yesterday when she was standing together with Dayat, it was a baddest perform I ever saw, since she didn’t want to smile and looked tense all the time.

Once again, I’m really sorry Oik … Anyway, you soon will be a star and remember : keep smiling …..   🙂




To be honest, Oik is very compatible to be an idol. Her appearance is so kiddy, cute and each attires she woremae entirely fits her. The thing is, she didn’t increase her perform. Day by day songs chosen for her mostly not suitable for her vocal character and tend to copy Gita Gutawa’s.

And this is alike with what was happened on Abner. Both are on the highest in the beginning and shockingly must leaving the stage at the end. But, for me there’s a different character between them, Abner was more flexible though.

Oh, didn’t mean to compare someone down here, but I think Oik should learn from this for the next steps to be more appreciate what has given to her, what her supporter had given to her by  presenting the  best as she could. Doing interraction with audience, smile and not only thinking about victory.


Now the finalists left are :


Although having gruff, at least he tried to give the best to the audience. And I’d say that today is a victory day for him. He was the only finalist who got the Blue star, while others were Red. What a surprise… He was being glassy-eyed.

His condition [gruff] has made me worry. A bit trauma to remember what has happened to Irsyad. He had the same problem before and couldn’t reach the highest tones. Then he must off the stage and that has made me worry would happening to Debo. But now, I can smile … At least ’til next week before the elimination day… Congratulation Debo ….   🙂


Both temporary or final report, he got Red Star. It’s nearly made my heart scattered. But finally, aahhh ….. Thank’s God! Obiet permitted to join with Debo…    🙂



I can understand why Sammy [Kerispatih’s vocalist] select Patton as his favourite. Patton was really awesome singing “Demi Cinta”, I can say it’s perfect !!!

An optimist Patton was also nearly make me die when both his report were Red. I think I’m not ready yet to let him go ….
Congratulation Patton …..   🙂



I could see her worries when she brought together with Oik. It was a big surprise since they both were the only girls who got Blue star in the beginning while boys were standing on the Red Line. The fact then reversed down and now girls on the Red while boys on the Blue.

I don’t want to loose both, but there’s no choice. One of them : Rahmi or Oik.
Then Oik picked out, Rahmi finally walked out from this suspenseful phase.
Congratulation Rahmi ….   🙂

Well, I don’t know. According with IC-1, where the winner were boy and girl, does it mean Rahmi formally said as a winner? Could be ….   But, we never know …
Rahmi …. Please don’t let me down, increase your performing, pleaaaaaseeeeeeeee…..   ????!!!!


Click HERE for OIK’s Images
See ya’ … 🙂


14 thoughts on “MY CHAMPS-X [OIK]

  1. My Champs adalah oik.
    sampai-sampai., akulah
    anak pertama yang
    menulis komentar di sini,

    selama kau msih ada di
    pentas idola cilik2
    aku adalah satu-satunya anak
    dari keluargaku yang
    tidak pernah absen melihat
    penampilan mu di pentas.

    namun, hanya sampai kamu
    keluar di babak 5 besar
    saja! setelah itu aku
    tidak menonton idola
    cilik 2 lagi, hingga
    grand final.

    Setidaknya, fotomu
    ada di kofer album
    idola clik 2. dimana
    hanya 5 besar idola
    cilik 2 saja yang masuk
    kofer itu.


  2. masa sih emang sih oik itu cantik tapi jangan seenaknya dong banding2in oik emengsih aku itu suka karna suaranya cempreng kalau teriak pasti keras banget dah


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