IC-2 yesterday afternoon [March 7,2009/Saturday] gone over in the same place with previously theme weeks ago. I can say that IC-2 yesterday  had no theme at all. Kids singing …. Presenter participates to contribute her voice soon as a kid finished with one song then followed by commentators. Nothing special at all….[Yawn!!!]

But…. I’d like to admit that I really fancy for Winda’s voice. Even if there’s a vocal coach, but still … For me Winda’s voice cannot be matched. Really … !!!


I was late and Rahmi was already in the mid song titled “Cinta”. She was completely trying to prove her current capability and I wonder “Why must now?”. Rahmi was really “total” in interpreting this song. It’s really touched and earsplitting at the same time. Especially when one-by-one commentators were invited to re-sing this song…. Gzzz…!! Buzzing !!!

PATTON filled up the next performance, with “Laskar Cinta”. Tell me if Im’ wrong, what I seen is : Patton’s supporters pattonare become less day by day. Or was it because not too much audience in the studio yesterday? Where have they gone? No…. I don’t think they already gone, probably those are prefer to watch this show on Sunday rather than on Saturday. I hope so ….

One thing that had catched my attention. It was the overcoat wore by those kids. They’re entirety faultlessly dressed, appeared more mature and impressed me so much! And that is why I attaching “Overcoat” as title for this post. I know it’s a bit un-fair for Rahmi since she cannot wear something different than attire she usually wore. Ah, nevermind ….


Like usual always appears calm and relax. Yesterday, he brought “Aku Bertahan”. And I agree with Winda, Obiet’s hairstyle yesterday has made him appear different. On the other words, this hairstyle is quite compatible with him.

Well, ok … You may cannot seen the difference on this picture, but if only you watched the show, I’m sure you will say “Yes”. 🙂

Was it the overcoat or the shoes that has made Debo seen taller than before? Really, I like his overcoat’s color. Black or Blue Overcoat is a common color for me, white or cream giving the effect of formal overcoat. I seen less people wearing both those color, but Debo .. Wow. I like the color of overcoat he wore. I don’t know why … He came forth in different color, different with others.



And there’s a time when those kids brought together, singing two-by-two [duet] on the stage. I call this “Out-of-concept”.

patton-and-obiet1Patton and Obiet
“Kasih Tak Sampai”

What an amazing alloyage ’til I forgot that they are still a kid!
It was like watching a professional singer along with a mharmony, compactness and the way they filling up one to each other.

Ray was correct and I agree with this “Nineballs” vocalist that “duet” is not an easy doing. Both singers must able to anticipate the opposite’s weakness and to fill up an empty space so that one performance will arise a good impression for those who listening. rahmi-and-debo


Was Dave trying to say that Rahmi was selfish? Was obtrusive?
According with what Ray said, when two singers singing together, they must able to keep the harmony, fill up one each other and not trying to efface oneself. Was Rahmi appeared like that when duet with Debo? I absolutely have no idea ….

But this is the first time Dave’s comment touched me so. This time I agree with him, no matter how Rahmi was trying to dominate the situation, Debo stayed calm and keep going on his own way, Rahmi’s performance didn’t influence him at all. And yes, Winda was also correct. That “duet” between Rahmi and Debo was ill fitting. Maybe because both have different vocal character, uhm ….

debo-and-pattonPATTON AND DEBO

Everytime I see this picture, it makes me laugh. Funny ….
See how enthusiastic Patton when duet with Debo. Observe Debo’s style. He always stay calm eventhough Patton was trying to fish him as enthusiastic as him.

What a kid …. I love this picture ! 🙂

And there was also Rahmi duet with Obiet, but I didn’t take any picture of their performance. Why? Oh … I was ran out battery !!! 😦

patton-and-rahmi1PATTON AND RAHMI

According with Winda, they didn’t show a compactness in their performance at all. Sometimes this question across my mind “Why Winda always throwing a sharp comments towards Rahmi?” Why ?????
Of course I understand that Winda didn’t meant to hurt any party for comments tossed over this girl. If Rahmi does understand too, she would be grateful to Winda one day.



When Debo collaborating with Rahmi, his voice didn’t really prominent. And it’s different when he duets with Obiet. They are absolutely compatible both voice character and also compactness side. Is it Debo or Obiet who has contributed a pleasantness for those who singing together with them?

Winda was asking Debo “which one has given a comfortable for you, on the first performance, second or the third ?” – And Debo answered, “The third!”


23 thoughts on “IDOLA CILIK [OVERCOAT]

  1. hi Amanda……. i like your write up as usual…..i miss Obiet already though my favoourite is Debo…i wanted a final of them both but too bad its gonna be Debo with Patton or Rahmi….


  2. Thank’s Rahayu, but I prefer Debo and Patton to be the next winner since Obiet already leave the stage instead of Rahmi…


  3. Hi AmanDa ,,
    LaM knAl Ea..q Kiky !!

    ApaPun PEndapaTna,dEb0 aLWayz makE me Suitable!!
    I luph deb0 lah p0k0kna..
    M0ga jadi de winner na icil 2


  4. deBo

    km 2 paNtaZ bgT jD

    SAnG PEmenang……………..

    ^_^ he………he……….

    jgN Lp ya ma besT pLeNt qmuH
    nTaR dkiRa smBng


  5. I very sad in this week
    I can’t see my littleboy Debo at this weekend .. T_T
    actually,Debo has made my weekend fresh and fun..
    Im longing for his voice,cuteface n stage act ..mizz u dede
    my littleboy Debo succeeded my boyfriend’s position in my heart.. I don’t know, what happen with me….
    the allurement of debo is awosome
    I always waiting ur performance de’


  6. hai debo and obiet iiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  7. hai Debo Qt dr Nak SD 18 dangri,Dps Qm kpn cich main ke BALI Aku pingin banget liat kamu disini o…ya klo kamu k”sini jak Obiet,cakka,&Patton


  8. hy…. ble knalan ma amanda ga ?

    o y mnurutmu patton tu gmn secchh…

    Just patton…

    make me happy


  9. pkok’y mah Q ttp ga ikhlas klo si debo be a winner..

    coz mnurut aQ yg pntes tu y OBIET lah……
    krang pa lgi cba,tmpang kren,suara bgus bgt,bae..,span..,
    ukh pkok’y mah yg ga vote OBIET nysel bngetttttttttt


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