debo-hugging-obiet-for-the-lastI couldn’t say anything, nor did crying to hear Obiet must leave the stage. The next obnoxious decision must be faced and I really have no idea why must OBIET ???!!!

Ok, it’s enough…
Think I won’t extending to write more about IC-2. I should have stop writing since Abner been kicked out of the stage, but I vowed, as long as Obiet is still there, I will keep writing and writing… Posting and posting …. And now, what I’m going to do? What I shall writing about for the next?

About Rahmi?
I don’t fancy her anymore since that Mayor’s wife turned up in the studio and for me it’s not a shocking news if Rahmi will becoming the next star. All about money .. All about authority.

I would like to appologize to the women in this picture. Didn’t meant to attach her picture without permission. This isobiets-fans just an image how Obiet has alot fans who are really loving him. No one believes that this is Obiet’s time, included me. Really, I’m sick of all those lies, hypocrisy and how IC-2 don’t know to pick the best among the best. I see there’s no lack at Obiet at all. Far before he get involve in IC-2, he had already alot experience in singing and also came to the front of public. Both singing in wedding party or some similar show.

Yes, I feel dissapointed but also proud of this young kid. I thought he would endure ’till BIG-3.

Well, we knew now … Obiet must off the stage and I have no desire to write since then… Broken heart ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

dave-hugging-obietObiet is my favourite one, beside calm he has a golden voice also. For me he is compatible to be an icon of Idol in IC-2. Don’t you think so ???

By the way Obiet, although this hurted me so much, but I will never stop fancy you. You’re absolutely genuine, talented. Your failure isn’t because your inability but those people behind the screen are too blind to realize that they are just threw out a precious asset behind. Shame on them ….

Once again, I don’t believe this decision came from audiences’s poll, not at all. It’s bulshitt!
Like when Olin was still exist on the stage, I knew he isn’t really good, but I still contributed sms for him and for other My Champs. See, no matter how bad it is or how weak your Idol, you would giving support and hope it would work out. Either did with what happened with Abner, Cakka, Oik. So far they’re the best and worth to stay, but seems like in IC-2, “the best worth to be KICKED OUT”. Too bad huh ….

So yesterday was the last show for Obiet and the last moment before I lose this sweet-friendly boy.

Obiet’s Picture March 7,2009


I shall updating the images of Obiet soon…. Meanwhile I want to savor this broken heart for a moment…
Hikk…. Crying….Sad… Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!!


41 thoughts on “MY CHAMPS XI [OBIET – THE END]

  1. sampai skarang saya blum nerima semuanya.
    Pertama terhadap Abner…
    dan kedua terhadap Obiet, yg tadinya saya pikir dia( Obiet) pantas sekali masuk GF.

    Obiet ,,,,
    you are still The best.


  2. IC2 ajang pncarian bakat yg juarany dipilih melalui poling sms, smua musisi, pengamat music, artis, dan pcinta music di sluruh indonesia SUDAH DIPASTIKAN memilih obiet sbg yg terbaik dr brbagai segi, vokal, pnampilan dan kpribadian… Jika di ic2 ada yg juara selain obiet.. Tak kn bs bersaing soal vokal, karna obiet jauh diatas drpada yg lain.. Dr segi mentalpun obiet juarany, dari pertama smpai tersisihpun gak skalipun obiet mneteskan air mata yg g penting,


  3. i agree with you.. Obiet deserves to be in the GF.. I think Debo is the worse between the 4 finalists.. But i don’t think it’s right if you say that this is all has been made up.. If you looked at Obiet, he is the comentator’s favourites and i think if any of these 4 GF wants to make an album, this kid will sure sell more than the others… So basicly i think it’s luck.. But i am certain that we will see more of Obiet in the future.. Just wait.. ;p


  4. ferdian
    Submitted on 2009/03/09 at 3:46pm

    FERDIAN : i agree with you.. Obiet deserves to be in the GF.. I think Debo is the worse between the 4 finalists..

    Not really, I don’t think Debo is the worse. The worse is the vocal coach or whoever prescribed songs for Debo. To be honest, Debo has a specific vocal character. And I think the vicious Uci doesn’t really knowing this in depth.

    FERDIAN: But i donโ€™t think itโ€™s right if you say that this is all has been made up..f you looked at Obiet, he is the comentatorโ€™s favourites.

    Yes, he’s favourite of everyones. The thing is, commentators, presenter or whoever involved on the stage have nothing to do with this and they are absolutely have no right [or maybe given not] to choose or giving a better statement/opinion. Observe the pictures, if anyone there announced must leaving the stage, whose face is the saddest? Please observe the picture above, when Dave hugging Obiet. Whose body was back-to-back of the stage? It’s Mama Ira. What i’m trying to say, there’s something wrong behind the screen and commentators/presenters have nothing to do with this.

    FERDIAN : and i think if any of these 4 GF wants to make an album, this kid will sure sell more than the othersโ€ฆ So basicly i think itโ€™s luck.. But i am certain that we will see more of Obiet in the future.. Just wait.. ;p

    I agree with you !!! And I’ll be the first who buy the whole lot of Obiet’s album, hahaha…. Anyway, thank’s for your comment. But still… I’m sad of Obiet…. But…But…. I can’t wait for his album either ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. MOER : setuju bgt! Dari segi vokal, penampilan, kepribadiannya yang tenang dan sabar [ditambah juga pengalaman] Obiet sama sekali tidak tertandingi oleh peserta yang lain. Mgk Ferdian ada benarnya, ini semua adalah faktor keberuntungan. Tapi yang jelas, sekalipun Obiet kalah di atas panggung, itu hanyalah kekalahan yang direkayasa. Pada intinya nggak bakalan ada yang bisa menghentikan Obiet untuk berkarya. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Amin.
    Semoga Obiet terus berkarya Amanda.
    Amanda aku minta foto Obiet ya…buat masukin di Obietning.

    Thank’s sebelumnya.


  7. Yep. Aku juga nangis banget obiet keluar. Dia pantes banget buat masuk grandfinal.
    Kapan orang2 mau milih secara kualitas, bukan gara2 ganteng, kasihan&semua hal yang gak penting lainnya?

    Obiet is the one for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


  8. mgk utk IC selanjutnya dan juga acara reality show untuk y.a.d, harus dipilih panitia khusus utk mengawasi pemilihan/pemungutan/polling pemirsa, spt itu tuh Pemilu dengan PanWasLu ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Trus penyelenggara acaranya harus benar-benar bebas dari virus penyakit “buta-kwalitas”, spy utk acara reality show lainnya nggak ngecewain spt skrg ini. Jd ingat nih dengan kasus salah satu peserta “Mamamia”. Dinyatakan kalah, eh … Maminya pingsan. Trus, nggak jadi kalah deh … ๐Ÿ™‚

    Obiet …. Mmmmmmmmmwaaaaa…. !!!!


  9. Setuju………….!!!!!!!
    mank gak pantas keluar (tggal klas).
    mungkin nich
    usulan aja, untuk IC slnjutnya jgn pki sms. kasihan yang suara na bagus tapi karena sms na dikit, dy na nyang keluar.
    utamakan kualitas calon idola bukan cerita kesedihan yang dialami calon idola.

    udah kejadian yang kedua kali nya di IC,
    memilih idola bukan karena KUALITAS.


  10. i accidentally heard the song that obiet sang after that unfair announcement (‘Aku Bertahan’), was sung by its original singer. gosh, these tears streamed across my face (again!). it reminds me of how obiet performed better than him, with that amazing obstinacy (no even a single tear flowed down!).
    his forever absence in that goddamned IC-2 leaves these permanent voids in my whole heart ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    *sfx: hiks*

    i currently am listening to the song ‘Begitu Indah’ that was flawlessly performed by obiet in Rapor IC-2 last week, and still, his voice sounds like an angel’s :’)
    can he tell how i miss that sweet and genuine smile in his cute face?


  11. DICHIE<—– I heard this song “Aku bertahan” this afternoon in IC2 and yes … I have the same feeling with you that it’s just reminds me of Obiet and how I miss him so much ! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I watched IC2 today and it was so damn boring !!!!!!!!! It’s really different without Obiet ….
    **crying…. 1000times !!****


  12. i didnt watch it! i forgot that ic2 is still showing. isnt it over already? for obiet the winner is no longer performing ๐Ÿ™‚
    this and next saturday shows are just.. yeah.. kinda consolation for those pity finalists who didnt make it (in surpassing obiet)! haha arent i right, manda?
    but i did hear the performance when patton and partner sang ‘i believe i can fly’. if there IS any chance for obiet to sing that song, it will be exquisitely remarkable ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    soo saaaaadd!!


  13. obiet tinggal kelas ? gak salah tuh, bukankah ia yang seharusnya jadi juaranya? suaranya yang sangat bagus , kalem dan matang. coba perhatikan, kalo dia nyanyikan lagu orang lain. pasti penyanyi aslinya kalah, obiet lebih pinter improve nya… (penyanyi aslinya jangan marah ya..) pdhal dia masih bocah banget…………… GBU Obiet………….


  14. gue waktu itu sedih banget selama satu minggu saya mendengar dan mendengungungkan nyanyian obiet dari downloadtan saya di you tube , so sad. salut buat obiet yang tegar danterus bertahan dan dengan tabah menerima hasilnya. jauh di dalam hati semua orang yang mendengarkan obiet, obietlah yang terbaik.OBIEEET AND OBIETERS BE BLESSED!!! HU.UUU.HU.UU.. OBIET KEEPSINGING YACH AGAR PERALIHAN SUARANYA BISA MULUS DAN DITUNGGU LOH KASET DAN PENAMPILANNYA LAGI…!!!LAGI…!! DAN LAGII


  15. ju2r ampek skrng Q mrsa sdh bngt bla trngt wkt obiet tnggl kelas….
    smpkin k’kru rcti untuk bsuk tmpln obiet nyanyi lg oz udah kngen bngt ma swaranya yg uuuuenak bngt,,,,


  16. menurut saya yg pantas masuk GF adalah OBIET dan patton{atau mungkin ABNER juga pantes kok}“`karena suara dan perfomed mereka yg paling ok, untuk RCTI waktu di idola cilik 1 saya masih bisa terima jika kiki dan angel yg masuk GF,{WALAUPUN KIKI menjual cerita sedih,saya masih terima karena suaranya lumayan bagus} tapi di GF IC 2 saya kurang terima karena salah satu finalisnya suaranya kurang bagus dan hanya jual cerita sedih{jangan tersinggung ya} semoga OBIET setelah semua kejadian ini obiet bisa mengambil hikmah dan tetap menjadi OBIET yg saya kenal,dan semakin sukses kedepannya.saya juga berharap musisi-musisi yang ingin mencari penyanyi berbakat memilih obiet………….{dan saya jamin mereka pasti tidak akan kecewa. dah dulu ya OBIET aku kangen nih sama slogannya obiet yang itu tu LAGIIIII lagiiiiiiiiiii……………. lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  17. Kalian smua kecewa ya, Obiet tinggal kelas… Apalagi aku sesama orang Temanggung. Hoiiii…, para produser musik! Ada anak ganteng berbakat nih! Jangan sampe dia ntar ngilang & dilupain gitu aja…
    Obietku, sayangku, cintaku, rinduku….., I will always love you…
    Boleh aku main ke rumah? Kita kan tetangga kampung he3… Jangan pada ngiri yaaaa..


  18. obiet Q syng bgt ma kmu wlaupun kmu dh kluar tetaplah menjadi kebanggaan di keluarga, sekolah,. suara kmu bgs sbenarnya qu mw yg msuk GF OBIET n PATTON…….. coz kmu n patton pny invrovisasi yg bgs


  19. RATIH OBIET<—- kmrn byk foto2 Obiet di sini tp ada kesalahan teknis, so smwa file ke’apus. Tp tenang aja, ntar di posting ulang….


  20. buat zyam kata sapa debo jual cerita , eh asal lhoe tau y debo tuh menang bkan krna jual cerita tapi emang suaranya bagus juga khas banget bda kya finalis lainnya . contohnya patton apanya yg bgus dri dia, suaranya aja kya kleng pecah [sorry jngan tersinggung ] buat para orng2 yg nghina debo asal klian tau debo mnang karna tu dah tkdirnya , tlong donk jngan slahin debo , debo jgakan pnya hak untuk mnang jga . eh ya gue mau tnya ma klian klo debo mnang gra2 ksah hdupnya trus debo msuk idola cilik gra2 apa TOLONG Di JAWAB


  21. Buat DEVI, sptnya km salah org deh. Zyam ga’ ada nyinggung soal Debo kan? Coba cek lagi deh. Dia kan cm nyeritain gmn kecewanya dia wkt Obiet gugur di 5 besar, itu aja….


  22. Knp…Sich obiet pkai kluar sgala sharusx dia brtahan ampe gf
    tp…Obiet emang tgar bktix dia nga’nang!S wktu dia tinggal klz…Oh…Law leh satu lg! Aq blh mnta no hp obiet ga?!


  23. Hai.. salam kenal.. aku salah satu D’Bieterz. Sebelum’y Thank’s ya Manda dah banyak ngebahas tentang idola cilik terutama Obiet, Aku sendiri sebagai orang “dewasa” tadinya gengsi kalo mengidolakan & mengagumi anak kecil. Tapi sekarang peduli amat, cause Obiet sangat menginspirasi selain suaranya merdu dan kepribadian yang nice. Apalagi setiap ingat kata-kata yang bijak waktu dia tdk bisa tampil karna sakit dan bicara via telp : ” Sebenarnya Obiet sedih gak bisa tampil tapi AYAH dan IBU SELALU MENGAJARKAN OBIET UNTUK SELALU BERSYUKUR DALAM KEADAAN APAPUN KARENA DENGAN BEGITU HIDUP KITA TERASA KAYA DAN BAHAGIA ” (Salut jg bwt Ortu Obiet-om Tatas dan tante Prima-) . Selain itu, ketegaran Obiet wkt eliminasi menunjukan dia juara sejati yg rendah hati.


  24. Hi WIE<— wadduh..knp mesti malu….Aku jg penggemar Obiet selain Abner n Irsyad. Wkt Obiet keluar, rasanya sediiiihhhhhhhhhh… Tp ya namanya juga kompetisi, pasti ada yg menang dan kalah. Salam kenal juga ya wie…


  25. Kak,gmna ya koq hp q ga’bsa tmplin foto,kan aq jd ga’bsa liat foto obiet lg!,aplg! Law q rndu obiet pst! Pgnx ngenet obiet mulu,tp smnjak aq pux email fotox obiet ga’bsa tmbul,,,kak manda bsa b4ntu ga’?


  26. Kak,gmna ya koq hp q ga’bsa tmplin foto,kan aq jd ga’bsa liat foto obiet lg!,aplg! Law q rndu obiet pst! Pgnx ngenet obiet mulu,tp smnjak aq pux email fotox obiet ga’bsa tmbul,,,kak manda bsa b4ntu ga’?Sblum aq pux email kluar koq fotox obiet yg cool abiz tp! Yach itu dia smjak aq pux email ftox obiet jd ga’bs dliat dech


  27. td aq liad d tv ada obiet n oik(O2) n kiki,zahra n shila
    mrka dah paa besar ya……
    apa lg oik mukanya dah dewasa,tmbh ckp

    jd mw dgr obiet nynyi lg


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