There’s something different when Obiet no longer around. I don’t try to exagregating my feeling but this is the real situation I facing. I watched IC-2 but it’s just reminds me of how unfair the decision just to remove Obiet out of the stage. Oki can said, “Don’t be sad if your Idol lose next week/tomorrow”. Of course she can said that, as long as her honorarium received be on time, so it doesn’t matter for her ….

This is a weakness ofΒ  IC-2 where sms-poll as a determinant of contestant’s succes. See what happened? The best finally knocked down and the left are just a piece of crap! What about commentators? They are just sitting there, commenting things unessential and kids are finally indolent learning from mistakes they did, why? Because commentators have no powerful effect in determine win or lose each contestant. The important thing is : sms…sms…sms! No matter what commentators said, above all sms…sms….sms !!!

IC-2 basically is a good entertainment not only for kids but also for adults. But mostly the decisions are mostly dissapointing not only for supporters but also for those contestants. So what I’m trying to say is : Jury or commentators are rotter in IC-2, have no function at all.

Like this afternoon when Mama Ira suggested Rahmi to not standing while spreading her legs [mengangkang], who cares? Rahmi doesn’t care, what’s on her mind is how to collect more and more sms from her supporter. Mama Ira was correct, for a girl like Rahmi, it doesn’t look good standing with legs open widely.

Ah, anyway … What shall I write for IC-2 this time?
Uhm, yes …. about Patton and his mother. They were singing together and that’s all I knew.

Hh ….

Got to go …. I have no appetite anymore. We’ll wait ’til tomorrow… Meanwhile enjoy your left-over finalists…



18 thoughts on “IDOLA CILIK [Road To GF]

  1. hmmm….you sound so unhappy but this is a reality show…the one with the strongest fan base is the winner eventually….anyway you got your wish Rahmi is out….


  2. RAHAYU<—–Yep, Rahmi OUT today. But still, it doesn’t bringing Obiet back to the stage. Ah anyway, waiting for Obiet’s album now πŸ™‚


  3. yes i understand that…though i was not rooting for Obiet, i was sad that he had to leave the contest too early…anyway life goes on…keep on writing ok….i am sure there are others who enjoy reading your write up….


  4. Menurut aq yg lebih pntez jd the winner idola cilik 2 itu PATTON ,sLain suaranya yg dahsyat dan stage act na juga kren abiez, tapi dia juga idola cilik yg cerdas!! Gmana gak, dia dpt jaminan beasiswa smpe ke PERGURUAN TINGGI bhkan untk kuliah diluaR negri..
    Iiii waw ap gk kren bget tuh,jrang kan ada idola skecil tu yg brpestasi dlm study na!!
    Pokokna PATTON U’Re the champhion.


  5. I think who’s gonna be the winner idola cilik 2 is patton ..
    Bcause he has taste be the idol and he the best for his rival!!


  6. I always supported my litleboy, Debo….
    The first time I heard his voicE, I has suPrised and made falliNg in loVe with him…He has Unique character of His voice ever seen in other children, yeah his strong vibration,(the voice Of chilDRen Will be change when they grow up like Kiki, so I thinK Debo’s VoiCe will not change significance cozz his voice likes men’s voice)

    beside that he has many talents, not only singing buT other case…his expression, his feeling ,his action in the stage,his dance AWESOME….

    for me, Debo is something new in indonesian music,exactly I didn’t respected with indonesian music today, coz many plagiarism n nothing something new…
    I like Something new in my life and I found it in IC2 ,in Debo itself…
    I dont care what the people said about DEbo ,I donT care with the people who underestimated him…
    I still love n supported him,n I believe he will be sUccess in present and future, amiiin

    SuCceSS 4 u De2′
    We loVE u


  7. DHE_ziggi<—– Hope your wish come true …. πŸ™‚ Both Patton or Debo, personally I hope they will brings something different, new, fresher for Indonesian music especially in develop musics for the kids…. πŸ™‚


  8. Selamat bwt Debo!!Tpi bwt aq,Patton te2p yg terbaik!!Patton juara yg sebenerny!!Bertahan di panggung Idola Cilik berbulan2 (walau tiap minggu pasti dpt raport merah)..tpi Patton te2p terus nampilin yg terbaek tanpa hrs membwt org iba..Go Patton with your Angel voice!!;-)


  9. CaKKa…………

    u GanTenK BangEtZzz,,,,,,

    Tw g WaJah U t KayX Co Q….
    n SehrZ nx U yg Jadi PemeNang d Idola CiLix 2….

    bUkan nX DEBO…Tp U caKka,,,,

    tw G wak2 _q lIht u taMpil t Smpex SegraNx yg G _q BayanG’n….

    I loVe U caKkA

    You Is The BeSt..
    WalaU pn kGx Jd juaR nx……hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    kLO blEh MinT nOpeNe dunkkkkzzzzz……..


  10. yank pantes jadi WINNER
    di idola cilik 2 ini adalah
    soalnya selain suaranya yank dasyat
    itu..dia seakan menghipnotis beribu ribu
    negara untuk mendukungnya..
    dia gk jauh beda dengan KIKI
    idola cilik1.. sama dasyatnya suaranya..
    patton juga setiap nyanyi pasti dgn penuh
    penghayatan.. dan aku paling seneng banget
    waktu patton nyanyi lagu
    demi cinta ! itu lagu kesukaanku !
    pokoknya patton nyanyi itu seakan
    mempersembahkan untuk penggemarnya !
    patton I love U forever… to patton good luck !!!


  11. Slamet buat debo!!Sbnarx obiet yg lbih pntaz jdi jwarax icil2(krna obietkan pket lengkap udh suarax merdu N Orgx jg manizz bgt) tp! Namax jga kompetisi jd ad yg menang dan kalah…Tpi ttp za aq mengharap obiet yg menang….Oh ya knp ya dtv law ad acra pzti cm ad dbo ma patton,,,…Knpa sich obietx jga donk,kan kgn niech ma obiet
    ” obiet is the bΓ¨st “


  12. Patton i miss u…

    Suaramu tuh…

    Gila keren banget..

    Apalagi waktu qm nyanyi hero.. wow falset qm jg uenak puoll

    Harusnya kamu the winnernya bukan si jelek debo
    emmm plizzz kasi taw no hp qm ke 081336715543 plizzzzzzzzzzzzz secepatnya…


  13. SpA blng Debo Jlk,Dia Tu mnssss.Tp SBnrNyA Yng seHrsx Jd juara tu Bkn deBo Tp Obiet,SeLaen SuaRax Yng KRn Abieezzz Dia Tu manisss N imuttttt BangETttt


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