tears-of-rahmiLike a thrill, dramatic, melodrama, all mismash like a dough. Or maybe not that bad huh?

Rahmi couldn’t hold the tears, Debo blessed stars unrelenting, Patton cried in happiness and I can’t stop visualizing Obiet is still there! Damn, am I too weepy?!

Ok, strike to the point.
Rahmi collapse, her dreams to obtain to GF has vanished. Debo and Patton finally measured to occupy this prestigious position.




debo-obeisance-onto-the-floordebo-praying-unrelentingWhen Debo announced as the first finalist who deserve goes to GF, I heard some whispered “Unbelievable!”

Yes, it’s unbelievable that Debo able to scoop up the highest sms-poll. On the last final report, he gotten a second rank after Patton.

Unbelievable that finally, the “shy and tearful” Debo defeated Rahmi as that easy. Infact many people have predicted that it must be Rahmi and Patton deserve goes to GF.

I personally blissful of this decision. To be honest I didn’t take for this at the first place ’til right up on Valentine’s day and furthermore Debo signalized his changes drastically.

What we should learn from this?
I agreed with those commentators that Debo’s spirit is estimable and it should give a lead for other finalists to never give up.

Debo’s vocal isn’t as bad as those said. The point is [more and more I have to clarify this] songs chosen for him were came into question. If only the vocal coach could read those kids’s vocal character, it wouldn’t be as that bad in Debo’s vocal/songs.

Debo, Patton and Rahmi

Patton and Debo – THE NEXT STARS


How ironic it is to remember that Rahmi actually was one of My Champs. Yes I stopped fancying her since there’s no escalation in her performance day after day. In doing interaction both to audience or commentators she seems to be so gauche, lumpish and so on – and so on. But I must admit that she has a loveliest smile among other girls contestant/finalists.

Her Father seen dissapointed and also those traditional supporters. Why should be like that? They ought to be grateful coz Rahmi able keep hold out in BIG-3. When I saw Rahmi in tears, it reminds me of Obiet and Abner. I didn’t see Abner and Obiet crying, well I don’t know what happening for the next behind the screen. At least they have evinced their mentally strength on the stage. Why should cry Rahmi ???

For Patton and Debo, CONGRATULATION


16 thoughts on “GF STAR KIDS [DEBO-PATTON]

  1. Thanks before if Rahmi once became your Champs. but i quite disagree with you about her performs. in my opinion, she’s one of few finalists that have learned significantly. her stage act, ekspression n vocal range has been better n better week by week.
    I also disagree with you if there is scandal about authority in this IC2, what’s the different between the mayor’s wife if she express her opinion about one finalist compare to other guests like Ian Kasella, etc?? and it’s been proven that there’s no scenario that been made upo dealing with rahmi!

    the most important thing is Rahmi has became inspiration for other finalists with her gratefullness to God in every week (in Islam we call it sujud syukur) n i think she’s deserve to became the true Champion.

    but i’m agree with you about sms poll that it SHOULD been revised! it’s too pity to see the commentator opinion that must be lose from sms poll! they’re people that’ve competency to choose the best in this Contest!
    anyway, thanks a lot Amanda for your post n image about Icil2, esp about Rahmi 😉
    i hope she’ll better after this contest n spread many more Inspirations to others!


  2. d14m0ndI fully understand how u feel right now. But one has a different opinion to other’s. Mayor’s wife position and guests in IC2 are totally different. One thing about mayor’s wife, she came into the studio, joined with other supporter from Ache and said “I supporting rahmi”. Don’t you think it would be nice if her presence [beside supporting Rahmi] was also keep other finalists spirit through sort speech on the stage ? See the different? It was like forming a gap. There are many lameness both in IC1 or 2. An authority is still run not only in IC but other programs and people knew it. Hey, do you know why Debo won this competition? 😉 —- Thank’s for your comment…. 🙂 [I haven’t done with Rahmi images… Uploading soon. Meanwhile, have a nice day …]


  3. haha..interesting 😀 so, let’s just n see if your prediction becomes true or not. but i’m not surprised if debo become the winner, cause the chance is 50:50. hmm, i don’t want make any prejudice about authorithy that ‘played’ behind this contest, cause it’s useless. what we can do is to give solution for the next contest (IC3). it must be played with an elimination system that’s fair and give a win-win solution for the contestant, audience, commentators n of course the holder of IC, have a nice day for you too 🙂


  4. hi Amanda….as usual good review. I am glad that Debo is in the GF as i have been rooting for him since the auditions. There are few things that has been playing in my mind, first is abt the songs choosen for him, like his duet with Rahmi…it was impossible for him to sing a Titi Dj song and true enough to my prediction he did not sang it well….really hope the vocal coach or whoever will the choose the right song for him…secondly its abt Mama Ira, i find that towards the end of this singing contest, she is being baised/favouritism…she will not fail to praise Patton(even Obiet…but i can understand that coz Obiet is a very good singer but not Patton) but not for Debo and when Duta does vice versa she seems to be unhappy, even Winda did mention “bukan mau belain Debo ya mama” why???? were they told not to praise Debo as how the others were being praised and called the future idol though not guaranted a place in the GF… she being the most senior and experienced among all the commentators this is not the attitude she should display on national tv….must be neutral…not one sided…


  5. RAHAYUI don’t think Mama Ira such that low. She loves all kids. In commentators line, so far, Mama Ira is the only one who always praising those kid. She gives a big compliment for Debo, she was the one who proclaimed the Best of Debo as “The wildest performance” and also gave a credit for Debo’s big-improvement, she’s very perceptive and was the first commentator who could read Debo’s despondency, she immediately asked Debo “Are you sad Debo?”. Well, I don’t mean to say “you’re wrong”. Maybe I didn’t scrutinize when Winda said that. I agree with you about songs choosen for Debo and other finalists. They’re likely have no chance to choose one for themselves. And the vocal-coach seems like choosing songs she likes very much instead of take into consideration of vocal-character of each finalist. I’d rather Winda becoming the vocal-coach for the next IC rather than Uci [current vocal-coach]. 🙂 Smile …!


  6. RAHAYUAww! Really! My mistake, sorry… Maybe I didn’t see the the scene when Mama Ira grumbled when Winda praised for Debo or anyone else. Sorry… 🙂


  7. hy debo kamu ganteng dech selamat ya kamu pemenang di idola cilik 2 debo kalu misalnya kamu di suru tanding sama kiki kamu harus berusaha supaya menang ya debo jangan putus asa kamu tidak blh kalah dengan kiki yang juara 1 di idola cilik 1


  8. Cuih…
    Debo kaya gitu dibilang ganteng GlANdangan TENGik maksudnya…

    Ud jelas2 suaranya Debo tu kaya gitu.. jelek lagi… apalagi mukanya …
    ANCUR Puolll

    Gak pantes jadi penyanyi pantesnya jadi topeng monyet.. mirip sih sama monyetnya…

    Kalo patton pantes banget jadi penyanyi ..
    Kemenangan Debo menurutku gak murni…..

    Kalo aja yang milih jurinya pasti Patton yang menang. Kalo debo.. eliminasi pertamakali…

    Dasar Debo jelek…


  9. hmmm…

    I vote patton ….

    Patton is the winner for me…

    You are my star forever


    Luph Patton


  10. patton is the winerrrrr

    patton i luv

    patton segala2 nya bagi q, q suuuuuuuuukkkkkkkaaaaaaaa banget aq buat perkumpulan bagi penggemar patton. “PATTON BANGET”


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