Olga launches his new song titled “Hancur Hatiku”. Sorry, I mention “song” instead of  “album”.
Something strange about it lyrics : where from beginning until the end you can only hear Olga singing “Hancur hatiku…” – and that’s it – nothing else!

I saw the clip narrating about a guy who yearning for love from a beautiful girl (acted by Luna Maya) and finally hurted as he sees another guy  seizes that girl (acted by Rafi Ahmad) and it’s dangerously odd for me.

Olga Syahputra is a well-known “lady-boy” who acted perfectly in “Saatnya Kita Sahur” which managed this late two years where he was so “beautiful” dressed up “girly”. I said “lady-boy” but didn’t meant to say he genuinely “lady-boy”. You’ve got to ask his confirmation in private  for sureness…

He just received Panasonic Award and seen fatter than before…Have you heard this “Hancur Hatiku?” Have you watched it clip? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “OLGA SYAHPUTRA

  1. ka olga u very cute…. lutchu lagi aku suka banged ma kamu… kalo kata orang sunda mah “a olga teh sok pikaseurieun tukang ngabodor” kapan yua qt bisa pependak ???????? hwe… luvh u,,,,


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