Was browsing new themes and I found this video [accidentally].
I don’t know how to explain but when I hear this, yeah … I like it! So I think I need to add my YouTube collection with something that makes me “colourful” —  🙂

Honey you’re my favourite

I wonder do you feel the same

honey you’re delicious

I wonder so I taste the same

well I’m an old romantic

sitting here clutching my bleeding heart

if I’m not good enough

then I’ve had enough let’s make this fast

who cares I’ll find my fish I’m colourful


I get so nervous I stutter stutter

I am so clumsy I fumble stumble

I’m not some handsome knight in shining armour

I’m colourful, I’m colourful

well honey you’re the reason

for this poet-inspired love affair

honey this is treason the king is gone Rapunzel let down your hair

You lift me up take me higher higher you fill me up with desire.


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