We’re now talking about Kiki and Angel.
I’m sure you must knew these two kids through IC-1 where they chosen as the winner as a favourite finalist a year ago.
Both have a marvelous voice and pretty amazing. Compared with IC-2, I’d say that IC-1 absolutely has producing a REAL star. Say Angel, no one can put a hesitant on her qualification (if there’s one, so it worth being called “retarded”). Also those who sharply commented on Kiki’s victory.

Rizky P. Egeten or usually called Kiki (11 y.o) is an eligible to be someone who sould followed, for his simplicity, friendliness and his dedication for family. You should have knew for what was happened on his Father, an accident had burnt entire his skin and loss one of his hand. I remember, it was reported on TV news but I didn’t know that eventually this men has a great-talented boy who soon becoming a winner in IC-1. And more amazed when Kiki and his Father showed side by side on the stage, I saw there’s no pessimistic sign on Kiki’s face.

Angel or Angelica Martha Pieter (11 y.0) is more lucky than Kiki. Her father is an entrepreneur (pearls cultivation) while her mother own a Batik boutique at JW Marriot.  She has a greatest voice than other contestants and been fully supported by her supporter. Today, when she invited to sing with some finalists in IC-2, her voice grows more excellent and to be honest, I must admit  that none of those finalist are able to compete with her golden voice.

Above all Kiki and Angel, I love you babe… !
Keep increase your performance and stay to be a star in your family, friends and those who supporting you.


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