I used to have this imagination when I was 7 or maybe 8. That I loved imaginating my death thru the picture each time I looked at my picture, a piece or two showing me laughing or smiling in happiness. Then I wonder, ‘if I die and my parents find the picture of mine, smiling, somewhere in my crowded room, are they suddenly crying and begging God to return me back?’

Soon as I reached for 13, I cursed myself for my stupid imagination.

But today as I found my old picture, which originally taken around 2010 or maybe less, that stupid imagination back to my mind. This is occur soon after I finished editing the picture from original file (coloured) to vintage mixed with ‘decades’ plus blended with ‘BW’ and finally making result like the one above.

I amazed then wonder, ‘What if NOW I’m 70 years old and find this picture, smilling, somewhere in my ‘used to be my crowded room’. What happen next? Am I suddenly crying and begging time to toast me back to my young-age?



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